Can You Feel The Love Tonight

October 17, 2016
Can You Feel The Love Tonight

good evening everyone !! hope you’re all having a delightful weekend 🙂 here is the third video in our “sunday night video” series . this week’s comes from just outside of HELSINKI …. in the “forests of Finland” (which has a nice ring to it i think ;-)) I’m sure most of you will recognise […]
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Second Sydney Show Added

October 12, 2016


thank you so much again for getting my album to no1 – you bloody beauties !!!

i’m so looking forward to coming and seeing you all in january with the band – just to say that the sydney show at the Enmore Theatre has now sold out so we will be doing a second and final one on the jan 27th !!

to get your tickets head on over to

see ya soon aussies xx


Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division Cover)

October 9, 2016

hello passengers !!
hope you’re all having a lovely sunday .
here is the second “sunday night video” …..
this week its the classic Joy Division song “love will tear us apart” .
its such a powerful song and lyrically one of my favourites . every line packs such a punch and it captures the moment perfectly .
it wasn’t easy making this video – we shot it on our day off in BERLIN last week . we wanted a classic abandoned building / graffiti covered / hipster berlin backdrop 😉 and found the perfect spot but also the grumpiest security guard on earth …. who now definitely hates me haha … luckily with the help of some very kind locals (including claus and his amazing green truck) we managed to make it happen …..
as always a massive thank you to my band and crew for being so enthusiastic about this project .
big thanks also to Jarrad Seng Photography . this one is one of your best mate 🙂
really hope you guys enjoy this and if you do then please share it around as much as you can . it makes a huge difference .
loads of love . mike xx
ps GERMANY it is so ridiculous that you won’t be able to see this version yet due to the youtube situation ….. we will post an fb video in the next few days xx

Passenger Live in Berlin

October 4, 2016

last night was epic BERLIN – such an amazing venue and an awesome crowd   loved every minute of it !!!
still a handful of tickets left for the Palladium in WARSAW tonight … x

photos by Jarrad Seng Photography


Losing My Religion (R.E.M. Cover)

October 2, 2016

hey everyone !!

don’t worry I’m not going to bully you in to buying my album again 😉

i just wanted to share this little video that we made ….

for those of you that have been following for a while , you might remember the “sunday night video” series that we made with The Once and Stu Larsen a couple of years ago as we toured across america ?

basically we picked a cover song relating to a city that we were passing through . we would then play it at every show for a week before recording and filming a live version that we’d post up on youtube and Facebook etc ….

i look back so fondly on those videos and feel like they were a really cool way of keeping you guys up to date with where we were . plus it was loads of fun .

so ……

we’re gonna do it again only this time i don’t think the songs will necessarily have much to do with where we are – just some of our / your favourites .

also my amazing sound guys have cobbled together a mobile recording rig which means we can record without needing any power – this allows us to hopefully get out in to some really cool spots .

below is our first attempt …. the song is “losing my religion” by the mighty R.E.M and we shot it by tower bridge in london .

massive thanks to my incredible band and crew for working so hard on their “days off” to make these videos happen and of course to the incredibly talented Jarrad Seng Photography for shooting it so beautifully .

please share it around as much as possible and also let us know what songs you want to hear in the comments section below (not “let it go” haha ;-))

mike xxx

U.K. Number 1 Album !!!

September 30, 2016


thanks to you guys my album “young as the morning old as the sea” is the OFFICIAL NUMBER 1 in the UK (my home), NEW ZEALAND (where we made the album) and i can’t say for sure ….. but looking good for AUSTRALIA (my second home) too !!!!!!!!!!!! ( aussie chart announcements are tomorrow so i’ll be able to confirm soon)

i can’t fucking believe it !

i thought if we were lucky we might get one but to get two or even three is absolutely insane .

i’ve been walking around giggling to myself all day ….. I just can’t get my head around it 🙂

in some ways i think this is the biggest achievement of my career . everything surrounding “let her go” was of course insane and maybe in some peoples eyes far bigger than this success , but this for me is my best album and for it to go in at number one in multiple countries just on its own merit with not a huge amount of radio play / hype etc makes me so unbelievably proud ….. not to mention the whole springsteen thing too ….. RIDICULOUS (i hope he doesn’t hate me 🙁 )

words can’t express how grateful i am to all of you , wherever you are , for buying , streaming and supporting the record over the last week .
you’re the reason this happened .
i am truly blessed to have such an incredibly supportive and loyal fan base . i will never be able to thank you all enough .

i hope you don’t mind but i want to quickly thank a few people who have made all of this possible ….

chris , ben , rob , pete , solo , The Once , everyone at Roundhead Studios New Zealand and all of the people that were involved in making this album .

a massive thank you to dan , rebekah , tim , fran and everyone at my fantastic management company ie:music . i know david would have loved this too – we shall raise a glass to him this evening .

to martin , chris , annette and rachel and all of the Cooking Vinyl team .
tony , billy and everyone at Warner Music Australia and new zealand .
to terry and the guys at Nettwerk Music Group and also joe , jo , karren , bc, manuel , dave , colin , wadey , katie , marty , irena and all of our partners around the world . I’m so lucky to have you all in my corner . thank you for believing in what i do !!

to ed for the advice and keeping me sane this week and to stu , jarrad , bryan , simon , thomas , cheesecake , greg , james , matt , ant , jevo , jake , ian , and all of my amazing passenger family .

finally all of my love and thanks to my mum , dad , sister , bob 😉 , osc and all of my wonderful friends and family .

ok , I’m done , and i will leave you alone for a bit i promise .

thank you !!!!

mike xxxxxxx

Fighting For #1

September 28, 2016

hey guys ,  this week has been completely insane – my album “young as the morning old as the sea” is neck and neck with bruce springsteen for uk , australian and new zealand #1’s …..
it would be absolutely huge for me and everyone that i work with if we could get it over the line !
if you find this song funny then please feel free to share it around and spread the word about the album .
what ever happens , to be in with a shout for a number one is far beyond my wildest dreams . thank you for letting me chase them .
mike xxx

ps the album really is only 4.99 in itunes (uk) 😉

Solo Show Announced – Hippodrome Kingston, UK

September 28, 2016


i wanted to tell you about a really special show that i will be doing in a few weeks .

it will be the only SOLO performance in this part of the world for a very long time and i’ll be playing a bunch of old songs as well as some of the new album !

its going to be a really sweet and intimate gig at the Hippodrome Kingston Upon Thames on the 17th of november and tickets are extremely limited so get in quick if you wanna come 🙂

all you have to do to get a ticket is follow the link and either buy a cd or vinyl copy of the new record (even if you have a copy already i’ve heard they make great christmas presents ;-))
you will also receive a special signed print on the night …..

by doing this you are not only getting a ticket for what will be a really special gig but you are also helping us in our noble quest to get the album to number one …. we are literally neck and neck so this could make all the difference !!

hopefully see you there and thanks so much .

mike xx