New Single – Hell or High Water

May 18, 2018
New Single – Hell or High Water

Hello everyone !!!! I hope you’re all doing really well ?! Its been a very long time between drinks ….. I’ve had a few months off which has been amazing and much needed . we’ve also secretly been extremely busy working on a few bits and bobs and I can’t tell you how excited I […]
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March 27, 2018

Hello everyone ,

Wow …. Its been a long time !! Hope you’re all doing really well ?!

I’ve had an amazing few months off – travelling around and spending time with family and friends …. Its been glorious and just what the doctor ordered 

I am however delighted to say that I’ll be getting back on the road this summer to play a handful of festivals around Europe and North America !!! I genuinely can’t wait to get back to playing again !!!

Ridiculously some of these shows are already close to selling out so please grab your tickets soonish if you fancy coming along !

I should also say that all gigs throughout the summer will be solo performances … I loved playing with the band so much and there will definitely be more of that to come in the future , but for now its back to just me and a guitar 

There are many more announcements to come over the next few weeks and months but for now I’ll pop myself back in to hibernation mode for a little while longer 

I can’t wait to see you all again .

Loads of love .

Mike xx

Ps there are still a few festivals to announce so watch this space …

Pps all tickets from

Simple Song (Official Video)

November 19, 2017

Hello everyone !!
I haven’t been on here for a while …. I hope you’re all doing really well 🙂
Just wanted to share another little video from “the boy who cried wolf”
This one is for “simple song” and again is created by the amazing Matthew Robins !!
Please share it around if you like it .
Mike xx

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Official Video)

July 28, 2017

hey guys , so as promised here is the new official video for “the boy who cried wolf” .

a huge thank you to Matthew Robins for the hours and hours of work that went in to making it and for turning it round so quickly . what a talent !!!!

hope you guys love it as much as we do and please feel free to share it around if you do xx

New Album ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ – Order Now

July 26, 2017

NEW ALBUM ‘the boy who cried wolf’ out friday and available to ORDER NOW
CD / vinyl –
Digital –

Vincent (Don McLean cover)

July 16, 2017

hello everyone !!
hope you’ve all had a great week ?!
we’ve had a brilliant one – after the most phenomenal show at Kew The Music 2017 we went on to the iconic Montreux Jazz Festival in switzerland where we were lucky enough to share the stage with The Lumineers (such a good band !!!)
then last night we were in beautiful northern spain at Cap Roig Festival… three very different gigs but each of them incredible in their own way 🙂
a massive thanks to everyone that came along xxx
i also wanted to share one final sunday night video with you….
this is one of my all time favourite songs and in my eyes a total masterpiece . for this reason its a song i thought i would never cover as its one of the “untouchables” …. but i did …. sorry …. i hope i haven’t ruined it !!
its a slightly different approach to the previous cover songs ….
firstly , its just me and guitar this time as i felt like the lyrics and melody required as much space as possible . the video is also super simple . its just ariel footage of the lake district in northern england . i think with a song as perfect as this simplicity is the key ….
a huge thanks to Yousef Thami for capturing such stunning visuals .
remember , you can watch all of the “sunday night videos” here and listen to all of the studio versions at
as i said , this will be the last one of the series . its been a wonderful project to work on . thank you all so much for your amazing feedback and for sharing the videos around . also a massive thanks to Jarrad Seng Photography and Bryan Dos Reis as well as my brilliant band and crew for making it all possible .
i’d like to dedicate this video to my good friend chris simmons and his family .
loads of love .
mike x

Kew the Music, London

July 13, 2017

LONDON – just wanted to say a massive and heartfelt thank you for the most extraordinary show at Kew The Music 2017 .
it was without doubt the wettest gig i’ve ever played and i was sure that the terrible weather would affect the turn out and the mood of the evening ….
not only this but less than 24 hours before the gig , my amazing bass player (rob) broke his little finger and for a while it was hanging in the balance as to whether he’d be able to play or not ….
i’d been looking forward to this gig all summer – my biggest ever uk headline show and to play at kew gardens is pretty special in itself so i was feeling fairly upset by the situation .
i needn’t have worried . rob was an absolute trooper and managed to not just make it through the show but didn’t miss a note . and what a crowd !!!! 7000 strong and drenched to the bone . you sang and danced and gave everything . the atmosphere was electric and i really mean it when i say that it was one of the best musical moments of my life .
thank you all so so much !!!
next up the
Montreux Jazz Festival with the The Lumineers . can’t wait 🙂
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Sunday Night Sessions – Out Now

July 4, 2017

hey guys ,
here’s a new playlist that we’ve put together called “sunday night sessions” . its a bunch of cover songs that the band and i have been playing over the last year …. hope you enjoy it .
mike xx

listen on spotify or apple music –

Europe Festivals | Rock Werchter

July 3, 2017

wow !!!
another fantastic week on the road 🙂
three amazing shows at Bråvalla festival , Rock Werchter (pictured below) and OpenAir St.Gallen – official . we had an absolutely brilliant time with you all xxx

we’re now in beautiful ITALY at the Gardone Riviera and have a show here tomorrow night …. a handful of tickets left at if you wanna come down !!

on thursday we’re in switzerland again at Summerstage Basel and then on satuday we’ll be at the austrian grand prix … what a crazy summer 🙂

see y’all soon xxx

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